The Race

Starting Options

Boats will start in intervals as before, EXCEPT that all boats will start in packs for that catagory. Packs may be limited to a max of 10 boats. A complete starting order WILL be posted here for you. Also note- the Slalom catagory has been split into "Composite" and "Plastic". This catagory has really grown the last few years so it is time to split it up.

Bring your friends - Race head to head against your buddies, or follow someone if you don’t know the river well! This also builds another safety net into the race.

Competitiors range from Olympic Paddlers to World Champion Freestyle Paddlers to U.S. Wildwater Team members... plus professional videographers, river professionals on raft teams, as well as amateur recreational boaters. It is truly a "Pro-AM" competition. Race with some of the best paddlers out there!

Over the years the race has been a huge success, with more than 100 competitors annually coming from all over the continental United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. The race has also enjoyed considerable media coverage on the local, regional, and national level through television, newspaper, radio, American Whitewater magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, an “Adventure Update” on Outdoor Life Network, and Outside magazine online. The event has also been included in the hour-long Outdoor Life Network production for the World Rafting Championships, which was distributed around the world.

Boat Classification for The Animal Upper Gauley Race

This Race is for Experts Only!!!

Wildwater Class: Any kayak or over 13’2” in length, except the Wavehopper & Speeder.
Wavehopper Class: Wavehopper & Speeder
Slalom Class: Kayaks under 13’2” and more than 8’6” in length ** Slalom class registration and starting will be seperated by plastic or composite **
Playboat Class: Kayaks 8’6” or less in length

Wildwater Class: Any C1 or over 13’2” in length.
Slalom Class: Any C1 under 13’2” and more than 8’6” in length
Playboat Class: Any C1 8’6” or less in length

Open Canoe: Solo and/or Tandem. No electric pumps.

Raft Team: Six Person teams, paddle boats only. 12 – 14 foot length.

Open Class
ALL other boat types are invited to compete, however it does take three boats of a type to make a class and be eligible for prizes. Come on out- Duckies, River Boards, SUP